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easyDNA Kenya now offers DNA Maternity Tests for peace-of-mind, Legal or Immigration cases

DNA Maternity Testing Services

A DNA Maternity Test can be used to determine a biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. The test works in exactly the same way as a DNA paternity test , and the results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%+ for inclusion of maternity, and 100% for exclusion.

When Would I Need a Maternity Test?

  • Many adopted children grow up needing to find their biological or “birth” parents and a DNA maternity test can be the final step in locating an absent mother. At easyDNA we offer a simple to use, at-home-test, which will provide peace of mind to anyone living with doubt or questions. The same would also apply to parents wishing to locate a child they had put up for adoption.
  • DNA Immigration Tests are now a very common part of citizenship and visa applications recognised by the Immigration Authorities and many other national immigration departments.
  • A Legal DNA Test is also available in cases where proof of a biological relationship is needed for court admissible purposes. At easyDNA we offer legal DNA tests for all relationship testing including maternity and paternity tests.

How do I Take a DNA Maternity Test?

Using our simple step-by-step guide, taking a DNA test has never been simpler.

  1. Go to our Order DNA Test page and select the Maternity option where you can order our at-home DNA maternity test for only XX
  2. Place your order, process payment and wait for your DNA test kit, which you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  3. Collect the DNA samples, following our easy-to-use instructions, and return them to us at your convenience.

Once the DNA samples are returned to us, you will receive your fully comprehensive DNA analysis report in 5-7 working days. For detailed instructions on how to use your DNA testing kit please visit our Sample Collection Guide page.

Whether you require a DNA Maternity Test or other relationship test, we recommend contacting our staff to discuss your case.

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