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View a sample DNA Test result by easyDNA Kenya.

Sample DNA Test Results

We are often asked what a paternity test result looks like. We have therefore provided below an example of a Motherless Paternity Testing result where we have one case of an 'exclusion' of the father and another where we have the 'inclusion' of the father as the biological father.

The result is of course for information purposes only but it gives you an actual example of what your result will look like. As you can see we provide the DNA Profile of each individual tested which is unique to that individual. These reports are for a paternity test result. Reports for other types of DNA tests will vary in the wording.

Visit our page : Interpreting your DNA Paternity Test report for more information how to understand your test result.

Other Information About our DNA Test Results

  • Whilst sixteen genetic loci (alleles) are tested, one of these markers is the Amelogenin gene - this is used to determine and confirm the sex of the client tested. 
  • Although through our DNA forensic testing capabilities we are able to obtain DNA from a wide variety of discreet samples, any tests not performed through the oral swabs do not change the accuracy of the results (or how the test is presented). This is because once the DNA is obtain, then it is the same DNA information obtained from a normal oral swab.

Get your own Electropherogram

easyDNA now gives you the opportunity to have your DNA sequence presented to you as a graphical image called an electropherogram. Click here to understand more >>> What is an electropherogram?

If you would like to discuss our sample DNA test results or have any questions about your results, contact us directly.

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