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Sample collection for urine based Gender DNA Testing.

Sample Collection Guidelines for Baby Gender Testing

Collecting the urine sample for your KnowtheGender test is extremely simple. We will provide you with a sample collection kit that contains all you need to collect your sample. All the kit contents are held within one foam lined box. The box contains:

  • One sterile urine collection cup
  • One bottle containing purple colored preservative solution
  • One re-sealable plastic bag for collection cup
  • One sterile alcohol wipe
  • One pair of nitrile gloves
  • One DHL Clinical Pack for return shipment

A consent form will also be provided with the kit. This needs to be filled in correctly and returned together with the urine sample.

Follow carefully these steps when collecting your urine sample:

Precautions to take prior to collecting the samples:

  • The test is extremely sensitive to male DNA. It is important that no males come into contact with the samples.
  • The expectant mother must not have intercourse or any intimate contact for 72 hours prior to providing the sample. 
  • Make sure to bathe or shower on the day of sampling.
  • Wash hands prior to sampling and wear the gloves provided throughout to avoid any contamination.
  • Use supplied alcohol wipe to clean genital area. Discard alcohol wipe when done.

Sample collection procedure:

  • Urinate directly into the sterile urine collection container. Collect between 50mL and 100mL of urine, making sure not to overfill the container. DO NOT transfer urine from a different container into the container we provided.
  • Add all of the supplied preservative solution labeled “Vial One” into the urine.
  • Place lid back on collection container and make sure to seal tightly.
  • Place the urine collection container back into the foam lined box.
  • Return the urine sample within the shortest time frame possible using tbe DHL Clinical Pack supplied.


What can invalidate my sample collection or my test result?

It is very important that you follow carefully the instructions provided. In the event that you do not comply fully with the requirements then you might invalidate the sample.  This can happen if the mandatory precautions listed on the instruction sheet are not observed. If the sample is not suitable for testing, we will need to send you another kit at an additional cost. In some cases, not adhering to the instructions and following precautions means an erroneous result - in this case you will need to pay for a new test.

What precautions should I follow before taking my urine sample?

• Make sure you have been pregnant for at least 9 weeks; if you are not sure, you can calculate the time of conception using certain techniques. Male fetal DNA can NOT be detected if the expectant mother is less than 7 weeks pregnant post-conception.

• Ensure to add the purple preservative to the urine solution, otherwise the DNA in the urine will degrade.

• Certain antibiotics may sometimes cause erroneous results. Expectant mothers should not have used any antibiotics for a period of 3 weeks prior to providing a urine sample.

DO NOT take this test if:

  • You have had a miscarriage or termination within three months of your current pregnancy.
  • You have had a blood transfusion within the last 18 months.
  • You have had a bone marrow transplant from a male in your lifetime.

To learn more about our KnowtheGender prediction test visit our Frequent Questions.

Full instructions will be included in the sample collection kit. However if you have any issues or concerns kindly Contact Us or Have Us Call You.

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