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Gender Prediction Testing

Gender prediction Testing

Boy or girl? It is quite normal for expectant couples to want to know the sex of their child. Gender prediction tests are accurate at confirming the sex of the unborn child. Name choosing, toys and colour schemes for bedrooms are just some of the reasons people choose for doing this DNA baby gender test. The test can be done with either a sample of maternal blood or a sample of maternal urine. You will then need to samples off to the laboratory for analysis. Boys have 23 pairs of XY chromosome and females have 23 pairs of XX chromosomes. It is clear that only males have Y chromosome and thus, if scientists find this chromosome in the maternal blood or urine sample, they can confirm that the baby is a boy. Gender predictions tests with urine have advantages over those with blood because of the type of samples and method of sample collection. Blood samples  require a prick of the finger- nothing major- but often a sensation which many people are strongly adversive to and thus, often prefer a gender prediction test with urine.

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