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Grandparentage DNA testing explained.

Relationship Testing - Grandparentage DNA Test

In a DNA Grandparentage Test, the existence of a biological relationship between grandparents and their grandchild can be confirmed. The cost of a grandparentage test is KShXX. In some instances, grandparents have doubts about the paternity of their grandchild. This test will help confirm or remove their doubts.

Two Types of Grandparentage Tests Offered

If possible, we strongly recommend testing both grandparents in a duo grandparentage test.  Having the DNA samples of both grandparents allows scientists to reconstruct the alleged father's DNA profile. Analysts can then determine the number of common markers between grandparents and their alleged grandchild. Including the mother's DNA sample will help provide a stronger result.

A single grandparentage test (a grandfather DNA test or grandmother DNA test) can also be carried out albeit with less accuracy. The single grandparentage test (thus, a grandmother test or grandfather test) makes it more difficult to fully draw up the alleged, untested father’s DNA profile . The mother’s DNA sample is strongly recommended in this situation.

Ordering and Pricing of the Test

The GrandparentsTest is priced from KShXX. The cost changes depending on how many people are being tested. Results are available via email in 5-7 working days from the receipt of samples at the laboratory. You may proceed to our Order Page.

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