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DNA Immigration Test for Visa applications in Kenya

Immigration DNA Testing

At easyDNA we offer immigration DNA testing for persons seeking to immigrate into Kenya. All our immigration DNA testing is conducted in an  ISO 17025 accredited lab, and the paternity test result or other relationship test result can be submitted to the Kenyan immigration Authorities.

We offer a wide range of testing methods available for prooving a biological relationship for immigration purposes, which include both paternity, and maternity testing. However other relationships can be proved between siblings, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews and grandparents through our relationship testing services.

Immigration DNA test: ordering and pricing

At easyDNA our competitive pricing on demand which includes the mother, father and child. This price does not include any service fees charged by the Sampler. Additional people can also be included into the test with an added cost for every person.

We suggest that you contact our offices first to discuss the case. You will be advised on the type of DNA test, the cost and on how to proceed with the payment.

Process I need to follow for a DNA immigration test?

At easyDNA our Immigration Department treats every case on an individual basis. Our qualified team will advise you on the best testing methods for your particular case.

  • Once you place you order an immigration DNA kit will be specifically prepared for your case and dispatched within 48 hours. Our Immigration DNA Kit contains everything you will need for the test, including submission forms, sampling instructions and the sampling kits.
  • Make an appointment with a local GP or registered nurse (Sampler) who will be responsible for collecting all DNA samples. (For a visual guide on how samples are collected visit our how to collect your DNA page).
  • Each person being tested must provide two passport-sized photos and an identification document to confirm identity. These will be signed and dated by the sampler.

Testing people outside Kenya

easyDNA Kenya can organise DNA immigration testing for people living outside Kenya. We operate through over 16 word-wide offices and can co-ordinate dispatch and receipt of kits efficiently.

For people being tested outside of Kenya collection is normally arranged through the nearest embassy and the DNA kit will be sent direct from the lab to the embassy. Samples are usually collected at the embassy. (A fee may be payable in the local currency to the embassy for sample collection; this is not included in the cost of your test). 

Discuss your immigration test with us

easyDNA is your trusted immigration DNA testing provider. For further information about our DNA Paternity Testing services and other DNA tests contact us or alternatively have easyDNA contact you

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