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X Chromosome Testing

The X Chromosome Test by easyDNA Kenya is used to determine whether sisters with different mothers share the same biological father. Each female 23 X chromosome pairs, one chromosome from each XX pair inherited from the mother and the other X inherited from the father.

When to do an X Chromosome Test?          Order DNA Test

  • An X chromosome test can be done in cases where two females want to confirm they have the same father and are sure they have different mothers. If their X chromosome patterns match then the tested females share the same biological father (and are thus, half siblings).  
  • In cases where two females share the same mother and want to confirm whether they share the same father, it is still possible to do an X chromosome test. However, this is only possible if the mothers sample is available for testing. This is because we must first establish the X pattern that was inherited from the mother. We can then compare the second X pattern that would have been passed on from the father and see whether this pattern is shared between the females tested (the result of the test will thus show whether the females are half siblings or full siblings).

How do I Order an X Chromosome Test?            Order DNA Test

At easyDNA we offer a full range of  sibling DNA testing. X Chromsome testing is offered at only XX.

  1. Go to our Order DNA Test page. Select your test depending on how many females are being tested.
  2. Order and pay for the X chromosome test. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use your DNA testing kit please visit our page
  3. Once you have collected the DNA samples, you will need to send them to our lab for testing using the pre-addressed envelope provided. 

You will receive your fully comprehensive DNA analysis report in 15 working days. .

For more information on X Chromsome Testing and DNA Relationship Tests feel free to Contact Us or just Have Us Call You Directly.  

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