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What makes this test the most advanced of its type on the market?

EasyDNA’s new baby gender test offers an unbeatable accuracy of 98% or more* and eliminates any chance of DNA contamination since the blood sample required (7 to 10ml) is taken via a standard venipuncture procedure (collection of blood from a vein) and tested within a state of the art laboratory. Contrarily, other tests on the market are using alternative sampling methods which carry a much higher risk of sample contamination. But it doesn’t stop there, the expectant mother can proceed with the analysis of this advanced test from 8 weeks post conception or 10 weeks of pregnancy, starting from only KSH28000! If you seek peace of mind, then you need look no further as this test is the one for you.

Do you want to find out when your baby is due? Use our pregnancy calculator to discover your due date!

Sample collection and test results

The sample collection kit will contain the required vial in which to place the blood sample and detailed instructions. Please note that a qualified person is required to collect the sample via a standard medical blood draw. Standard results for the baby gender test are delivered within 5 to 8 working days but we also offer an express testing option with results in 3 to 5 working days for the extra cost of KSH28000. Please note that turnaround time starts from the moment samples reach the laboratory. Please allow for travel time of the samples to the laboratory which should take a few days.

How can you tell the baby’s gender so early in the pregnancy?

The laboratory analysis looks for Y-chromosomal DNA (only found in males) in the mother’s blood using a technique called Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) that can amplify small amounts of DNA to easily detectable levels. Y-chromosome DNA will only be present in the sample if the baby is a boy since the mother does not carry the Y-chromosomal DNA herself. If the analysis does not detect any Y chromosomes, then the fetus is female and you will have a baby girl.

Although this test is a great way of discovering the sex of your baby, ultrasounds are also important as part of your prenatal care provision. Should you have any queries, please consult your doctor.

*This test is 98%+ accurate at 8 weeks post conception (10 weeks of pregnancy). The laboratory has a quality assurance program that continuously monitors the quality of their methods and reagents and the accuracy of the results. The 2% error rate is attributed to user error such as taking the test too early or not providing enough blood sample.

Give yourself the peace of mind and your baby the kind of preparation that only time allows. Order the baby gender DNA test today! EasyDNA also offers non-invasive prenatal paternity testing for those who seek to confirm the identity of the biological father of their baby.

Important note

The baby gender DNA test cannot be performed in cases of twin or multiple pregnancies, mosaicism, the fetus has a structural abnormality, the pregnant woman has a chromosomal aneuploidy herself or has received a blood transfusion, transplantation, stem cell therapy or immune therapy.

Please understand that Company Policy is that the results of the baby gender DNA test are aimed at being used for curiosity, bonding and preparation for the newborn baby. The results are not to be used for the purpose of gender selection.

Our refund policy

In the case that it can be proven that the result of the test is incorrect, we will provide a 100% refund. Refunds are only provided after the birth of the child and against a copy of the birth certificate. Please read our refund policy or full terms and conditions governing refunds.

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